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Andrew Starr has been a Heritage Consultant for 17 years since graduating with a Master of Arts with Merit from the University of Sydney in 1998.

He is the co-author of Paddington Stories, a social history of the suburb, and also is a contributor to Period Home Renovator Magazine and Green Magazine.

In the past 17 years he has worked in many council areas in Greater Sydney, and is able to travel throughout New South Wales. He is however a specialist on the inner city suburbs and the eastern suburbs.

Andrew is experienced in the application of the philosophy of the Burra Charter and the interpretation of The Commonwealth and State Heritage Acts.

Andrew Starr and Associates Heritage Consultants are registered as Generalist Heritage Consultants by the New South Wales Heritage Office.

Services we provide include the following :

* Heritage Advice

* Conservation Reports

* Heritage Reports

* Heritage Impact Statements

* Demolition Reports

* Archival Recording

  1. *Historical Research

  2. *Pre purchase advice

    * Help guiding you through Government Heritage Acts and guidelines at Commonwealth, State and Local Government levels.


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